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  • Rituals anthology by Bell Press Books: “Coping—in Threes” (note: poem nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2022)
  • Red Skies: A Creators Response to 2020 anthology (Splintered Disorder Press): Two poems
  • Erase the Patriarchy anthology (University of Hell Press): Two poems
  • Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands poetry anthology (Shabda Press): Two poems


  • borrowed solace, Issue 3.1: “Playing with Earthquakes, Part 2”
  • Parhelion Literary Magazine, Issue 6 (Halloween-themed issue): “Phosphenes
  • The Hunger, Issue 2: “Digging after Lightning Strikes
  • borrowed solace, Issue 1.2: “Playing with Earthquakes”
  • Eureka Literary Magazine, Vol. 22: “Strings”
  • Thrice Fiction Magazine, Issue 17: “The Man against the Wall
  • Apeiron Review, Issue 9: “Fish Bone, Snow Globe
  • The Gateway Review, Vol. 1.1 (inaugural issue): “Hollowed Onions” (note: story nominated for the 2016 Write Well Award)
  • Peaches Literary Magazine, (inaugural issue): “Pull Back the Lever”



  • Sheepshead Review: “Fever Maw
  • Trouvaille Review: “Blueberry Adventures
  • Montana Mouthful (“Out of This World” themed issue): “Horizontal Lightning
  • CircleShow, Vol. 22: Four poems​
  • Spoken-word prose poem at College English Association of Ohio Conference and University of Findlay Symposium for Scholarship and Creativity 2019: “Thunderstorms” (collaborative piece with Milena Velez)
  • The Voices Project: “We wait among the lily pads
  • The Voices Project: “The Photographer
  • SLAB, Issue 11: “Rogue Lightning”
  • The Caribbean Writer, Vol. 29 (Highlighting Contradictions and Ambiguities in the Caribbean Space): “The Ferry”
  • Assonance Literary Magazine: Two poems
  • Prairie Margins: “The day I was stolen”


  • Slippery Elm Literary Journal, 2022 edition (cover photo): “Pink Lake”
  • Slippery Elm Literary Journal, 2019 edition (cover photo): “Hearts in Noltland”
  • Birch Gang Review, (inaugural issue): “Four”
  • Cactus Heart, Issue 14.5 (special issue: bodies): “Hightail It”

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